Employment and Entrepreneurship

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Employment mentors who speak your language will be able to assist you.
Employment Mentors who speak your language will be able to assist you in writing a CV and help you make contact with the right people in order to translate your official documents. They can offer direction and advice on getting approval for your various documents and inform you on professional licensing and assorted employment benefits to which you may be entitled. If necessary, the Employment Mentors will be able to advocate on your behalf with relevant institutions or bureaucracies.
For those interested in taking full advantage, the Employment Mentors can assist you with employment-networking - connecting you to the right places and referring you to job placements and relevant resources. Your Employment Mentor will support you throughout the employment process and will continue doing so even after you have landed a job.
The At Home-Together program has initiated Employment Centers run by employment coordinators in five strategic locations throughout Israel: in the North (Haifa), Sharon Area, Greater Tel Aviv, Greater Jerusalem, Ashdod, and the South (Be'er Sheva).
The Program also operates an online Aliyah Job Center in four languages: English, Russian, French and Spanish, and serves as a job search database and as an information pool for relevant job search topics. Potential new immigrants may use the online Aliyah Job Center prior to their Aliyah after receiving the necessary authorization.
New immigrants interested in establishing a business will be introduced to an additional project of The Jewish Agency in partnership with the Council of Immigrant Associations. Israel Business Connections (IBC) is a program which serves as a platform to guide new immigrants interested in business initiatives. One may establish contact with this project in the pre-Aliyah stages as well.

For more information regarding employment opportunities, also visit the Jewish Agency Aliyah Job Center.