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Interested in volunteering? Here's what you need to know!
If you choose to volunteer as an Absorption Friend or Employment Mentor and to assist a number of new immigrants in their first absorption steps, you will probably need to devote approximately four weekly hours.
During the first stages, most of this time will be devoted to professional training and later to actual volunteering. Your volunteer meetings may take place either in your home or in the Jewish Agency offices in your area.
If you choose to volunteer as an Accompanying Family, you will first be invited to a meeting, which will last approximately two hours, to acquaint you and your family with the program.
You and your family can decide how often you would like to meet with your new immigrant family. This can be determined according to your availability, the type of relationship the new immigrant family is looking for, and the chemistry established between the families. Get-togethers may include: inviting your immigrant family over for a Shabbat meal, having joint family activities, or regular phone conversations. The options are endless and only require that you and your immigrant family figure out what style works best for you all.
Throughout the year, joint activities will take place for new immigrants and volunteer families with the goal of broadening the social circle and as a way to have a variety of enjoyable experiences.






Does the program cost money?
  • This is a volunteer social oriented program with no financial expenses. We are interested in assisting new immigrants in integrating into Israel- to utilize their rights, find employment and to help them develop a social circle, etc. Your input is not a financial one, but a social one.

Am I expected to take the place of the Absorption Authorities?
  • We are not trying to take the place of the Absorption Authorities, but to assist new immigrants in utilizing their rights and acclimating in the best possible way. This is accomplished through social contacts which enable new immigrants to become familiar with the small details and important nuances of the absorption process and the Israeli culture. We are interested in your help, to assist in the first stages of absorption, from a functional aspect but likewise to lesson the feelings of loneliness and to ensure that the new immigrant feels the warmth of his new country and the awareness that we are at home together.

Will we receive any preparation, instruction or professional guidance?
  • The program includes initial preparation in the area of personal and professional absorption and follow up training for volunteers throughout their participation in the program. This includes meeting with colleagues/other volunteers, professional supervision etc. Volunteers accompanying families socially ,will participate in an initial meeting to familiarize you with the program. Following your first contact with the new immigrant family you will be invited to a joint meeting under the guidance of a professional. Throughout the volunteer period you may receive guidance from the At Home-Together Center located in your region.

What do I gain from my involvement?
  • - Satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. - The feeling that you are working for the good of the community at large and actively show much-needed support for new immigrants. -Acquaintance with new people and a different culture -A chance to teach your family the importance of absorbing new immigrants and strengthening the State of Israel

What happens if we don’t click with our new immigrant family?
  • We do our utmost to determine compatibility between families through compatibility questionnaires that families are requested to fill out, but a situation may be created where families simply do not especially click. You will be given the contact details of the local coordinator and be able to discuss with him the difficulties you are encountering while receiving assistance from a professional. You may switch families if you choose.