New Immigrants

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As a new immigrant, there is so much you need to know in order to become familiar with your new surroundings and to understand them correctly.
In order to ease your process, shortly after your arrival in Israel, At-Home Together will invite you to join a number of workshops and lectures on topics connected to your absorption in Israel. These programs will take place in your general residential area.  
In the meantime, check the Questions and Answers section below.





How will the program help me?
  • - Program volunteers are familiar with the different bodies and authorities that most new immigrants need to encounter as part of their initial period in Israel. They can assist in taking care of many bureaucratic procedures by offering translation, tips, advice and guidance while you go through the process of registering for a health fund, opening a bank account or navigating the educational system, etc. - Employment volunteers can assist in adapting your CV to the style used in Israel, in directing you towards appropriate training or necessary career changes and serve as an important aid and support in your employment search. - The program will give you the opportunity to meet new people and widen your social circle. It will give you the opportunity to come into contact or develop relationships with people who may advise you on a variety of topics from cultural understanding to day to day issues. - Israel is a very close-knit society where friends become family. We hope that through this program you will develop new and warm relationships with people who at some point soon will feel to you like family.

Can one join At Home- Together prior to making Aliyah?
  • The program can be joined during the stages of Aliyah preparations. Ask your shaliach or file manager from The Jewish Agency or e-mail us: . The volunteers may assist and advise during the planning stages of the Aliyah and absorption process.

What do Israeli gain from joining this program?
  • -There is no payment involved, it is purely volunteer -Israelis on the program gain much satisfaction from using their knowledge and familiarity with the country to help someone else -They believe in the importance of aliyah for the future of Israel and the Jewish people and want to contribute to its success -It is their way towards contributing to the better of Israeli society -They often gain new lasting friendships where they not only give but receive

Why do Israelis volunteer?
  • Many Israelis are former immigrants who understand from first hand experience the difficulties involved in coming to a new place. Volunteering is very accepted in Israeli society where mutual help is a very real value Israelis love getting to know new people and different cultures

Do you offer assistance in finding employment?
  • Employment volunteers will assist you in adapting your CV to the professional style accepted in Israel, and direct you towards the appropriate training or career changes necessary and yes, also assist you in your employment search.

Is there financial assistance?
  • At Home-Together is a social program focused on assisting new immigrants to utilize their immigrant rights in the best possible way. Our aim is to help new immigrants broaden their social circle and to help facilitate friendships between Israelis or veterans with new immigrants in order to ease the first stages of absorption.

Is the Program acquainted with veteran immigrants located in my area who speak my language?
  • In every area At Home-Together has a local coordinator who can assist you in making contact with veteran immigrants who speak your language.