Become an Absorption Friend

Become and Absorption friendThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©
An Absorption Friend volunteers to accompany a new immigrant family throughout their first year in Israel
The Absorption Friend is trained to offer guidance and assistance, and to direct the new immigrant in utilizing his or her rights in the best possible way. The Absorption Friend assists the new immigrant in becoming familiar with and navigating the system - whether registering children for schools, opening a bank account, registering for a health fund and the like, or getting to know the neighborhood and surrounding area.
Some of the Absorption Friend Tasks:
  • Assisting new immigrants in various unexpected or difficult situations (eg. a sick child)
  • Serving as a mediator between the new immigrant and the local organizations (formal and informal)
  • Advocating for the new immigrant in local frameworks
  • Keeping the At Home–Together coordinator updated on the absorption process of the new immigrants
  • Accompanying five heads of households (around 20 new immigrants) depending on the amount of time one devotes to volunteering
Specialized Volunteer
The Specialized Volunteer provides specific assistance in areas such as: learning Hebrew, legal advice, tutoring children, or giving a lecture in any professional subject.
Different Functions of a Specialized Volunteer
  • Assistance in practicing Hebrew language
  • Homework assistance for children
  • Translation of documents
  • Legal Advice - mostly upon renting an apartment