Beer Sheva Turner Stadium

At the new Turner Stadium

On October 21st, the brand new sports hall opened in Beer Sheva

On october 21st, thousands of Hapoel Beer Sheva fans, along with other culture and sports enthusiasts, surged through the gates of the new Turner Stadium, wearing all red and white, their teams' colors, to witness the opening of the brand new sports hall and to watch the first game of home team - Hapoel Beer Sheva.

The city of Beer Sheva is known for being a sports empire, with one of the most successful soccer teams in the state – Hapoel Beer Sheva. The team is famous not only for having talented players and winning countless championships, trophies and titles but also for being a part of the largest sports clubs in southern Israel, which puts community and social involvement at the top of their priority list.

The club, founded in 1949, made its way to the top and made a name for itself – being a significant, successful and involved sports club.

Hapoel Beer Sheva played in a sand field in the old city of Beer Sheva, for years, until 1959, when the first stadium in Beer Sheva, containing an impressive number of 13,000 seats, was built. In 1988 that stadium was renovated and the name "Vasermil" was given to it. It has become a symbol in Beer Sheva and even if you were never a soccer fan, you or someone around, you would talk about it.

For years, a plan to build a new 32,000 seat stadium on the northern part of the city sat in a drawer, rejected for budget reasons.

It was only after Mr. Ruvik Danilovich became mayor, that a new plan was approved: to build a new, 16,000 seat innovative stadium at the exact location suggested in the original plan – the northern part of the city. The new stadium will be a part of a growing sports campus and will take sports in Beer Sheva to a whole new level with new practice fields and a state of the art basketball arena.

In 2011 construction workers began diligently working on what would become Turner Stadium, named after former mayor – Yaakov Turner.

On the opening day Beer Sheva wore red- red everywhere: clothes, accessories and even face paint. The ribbon was cut by both present mayor Mr. Ruvik Danilovich and former mayor Mr. Yaakov Turner in front of thousands of fans and city residents. After that, the game started - Hapoel Beer Sheva vs. Maccabi Haifa.

Although the game ended with a draw, we are expecting more exciting wins and events, as Beer Sheva's sports center is being built.



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12 Oct 2015 / 29 Tishrei 5776 0


Turner Stadium Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva Turner Stadium Beer Sheva Turner Stadium Beer Sheva Turner Stadium Beer Sheva Turner Stadium Beer Sheva Turner Stadium
12 Oct 2015 / 29 Tishrei 5776