Onward Beer Sheva

In May 2018, a group of 11 students from Montreal landed in Israel. The excited youngsters came as part of the Onward Israel program which is held for the second year in the Partnership to specialize in various workplaces throughout the city. Each of the students was placed in an internship matching his or her field of studies in order to become familiar with the work environment in Israel and to obtain employment experience while they were still students. For four days a week they worked full day and on Thursdays devoted their time to experiential tours throughout the country. At the same time, a group of 8 Israelis students and young people who accompanied the Canadians throughout the six weeks was assembled. Together with the young Israelis, the Canadian participants were exposed to Be'er Sheva and learned a lot about Israeli society. The delegation concluded at the end of June. The young people felt significant improvements in their areas of expertise and learned a lot about the differences between work environments, they made connections with young Israelis and formed a strong bond as a group that had a one time experience together.