Shinshinim - Young Emissaries to Cleveland

The Shin-Shinim (participants of the one year Shlichut) are high school graduates from Israel who serve for a year in Jewish communities around the world. Through various activities, in schools, Jewish institutes and events, participants bring their Israel and their story to the community. For the community it is a way to give Israel a face and get to know it from another point of view; for the young Shlichim it is a life-changing experience.


3 young participants from Israel will be going on Shlichut to Cleveland in the year 2012-2013, Yuval Mordechai from Beit Shean among them. She will be the representative of the region and the connection between its communities and Cleveland.


Read the blogs of Yuval, Ziv and Rotem - three young Shlichim in Cleveland on a life changing mission. You can also watch the short video clip they prepared in order to introduce themeselves to the community, and another short video clip of them visting the Dead Sea and sharing information about that unique place.


Yuval 2 Final from Jewish Federation of Cleveland on Vimeo.