Instructions for preparing your video clip


All contestants in the World Bible Quiz to be held in Jerusalem are requested to prepare a short 3-minute video clip, so that we can get to know you and your community and country.

Please include the following:

  • A short description about yourself: name, age, name of your school, city and country
  • Some information about your Jewish community: the number of Jews, families, how many synagogues
  • Some information on the young Jewish population – youth movements, Jewish clubs
  • Please mention the goals of the local Jewish youth, the difficulties and obstacles they face in your community
  • A photograph of your synagogue
  • A photograph of an aerial view of your home, vicinity, youth movement or Jewish club
  • Mention how your Rabbi / school principal refers to the Bible
  • The reasons you were chosen to represent your community
  • A photograph of your teachers and friends at school
  • Your community or spiritual leader
  • You can add a special blessing to the State of Israel for its Day of Independence. Ask your friends and family to join you.
  • Film yourself saying “Chag Sameach to Israel” in your local language
  • The clip should be about three minutes long

Comments: These clips will be broadcast during the final stage of World Bible Quiz, while contestants are on stage. The remaining film will be edited with additional material on a disc, which will be given to the contestants as a memento at the end of the Bible Camp. Please make the clip interesting, funny and optimistic.

Please have the video clip (saved with your name) ready to be delivered on the first day of your arrival in Israel.