Sivan From Netherlands

To my dear new familymembers.

 I have jist landed and in the airplaine i have red all of your messages. 

First of all i wanted to thank you for them. The more i am getting closer to my house the more i am starting to realize how special it is that we had this chance, jow great each and single one of you is, and how much i am missing you already. Before the camp i really didnt knew that it was possible for me to feel so at home with people you have just met and that they would really feel like brothers and sisters. I think that that maybe is the best thing i still have from the camp, very strong friendships with people who dont feel like friends anymore but with people who feel like family.

 I have never in my live lived for 2 weeks so close to so many great different people. i think that that is something we really caaan be proud about. Each one of us has put a lot of efford in trying to get here. And now, after the camp finished i can say that it was totally worth it. I think that the thing that made our drienship stong is the fact that we didnt only haad good times, where we laught but we had sad times to, when some of us cried. I personally have never cried so much as in the last few days (you have probably noticed.). With each person that left i started crying, and this morning when i left, i almost cried the whole way to the airport! And at the airport when i said goodbye to the others i cried, and even while im writing this i am crying!The first reason for it is myself, i am just horrible at saying goodbye. But the second reason is the fact tgat i love you guys so much and i am going to miss all of you so much! If you are reading this you have probably red this whole extreme long message and i really appreciate (is it misspelled? ) that.

It meams that you are a great friend. Love you guys and i am already missing you!!! 

Hope to keep in touch and see you soon!! 

With love, sivan