Yehonatan Haimovici Canada

My dear brothers and sisters,


With nearly 40 mins until I will b'h board the plane, I write to you this tear-filled letter. Thank you, from the depths of depths for this amazing experience. True, you guys did not organize it but I'm not so sure I would've come if a bunch of boring people were on it. every one of you is special in your respective ways and enormously contributed to the trip. looking back I see how valuable each one of you is, more than it seemed before. We all knew this trip would be short and soon enough we would get back to reality.

Yet, that didn't stop us from building strong relationships that may last a very long time. I myself thought that way but couldn't restrain myself. You guys are way too awesome for me. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Hopefully one day, we can organize some sort of reunion. P>lease show this to whoever isn't in the group.

I can say with the utmost certainty that one day all of us will return to our land and stay there forever (if you may not want to now, very soon you will) together with mashiach -may it happen speedily 
Shalom שלום

Yehonatan Haimovici