More About The Bible Quiz

The World Bible Quiz is an event that focuses attention and awareness of the Jewish People around the world, mainly youngsters, on the importance of the Bible within their Jewish identity and heritage. Thousands of youth aged 14-18 learn for this Quiz, many for months and years beforehand. Once a year dozens of contestants meet in Israel for a two-and-a-half week Bible Camp, peaking at the international Bible Quiz held on Israel’s Day of Independence and broadcast on state television. Together with several government ministries and other non-profit organizations, the Jewish Agency promotes the world Bible Quiz in all Jewish communities around the world and assists all Jewish youth in their participation in the Quiz.



  • To increase the number of Jewish youth in Israel and around the world who are studying the Bible.
  • To bring Jewish youth closer to loving the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Heritage of Israel.
  • To help nurture educational values in the spirit of the prophets and highlight biblical influences on modern-day Hebrew.
  • To add a spiritual dimension to celebrations on Israel’s Day of Independence.
  • To encourage educational contacts between Jewish youth from Israel and the Diaspora, to give them an opportunity to learn Bible together, and to strengthen and nurture the ties and mutual affiliation between them.