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Yeshiva University, Darca high school and in between

We have this year a real and important partnership between the former students from Yeshiva University and students from Darca High school, Kiryat Malachi.

As part of this This fruitful cooperation,  3 students from  Yeshiva University leading  educational program on 8th grade class from Darca.The program is part of the partnership preparation program of 8th  graders before they’ll meet in May  their partners from 8th grade Jewish day school, Seattle. As part of the program the students are learning  about Jewish communities around the world, about what it means to be a Jew for those who do not live in Israel and  Jewish identity. At the beginning of the program Darca students sent a big mishloach manot with local sweets along with greeting cards to their partners from JDS.


The program was led by Margot and Atara a former student at Yeshiva University who lives in Jerusalem and works in Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem. The first lesson Atara began with a short trivia quiz about the Jewish Diaspora. After that the students were asked to crack a riddle using different pieces of information about Jewish communities around the world. For the next session in the program the students were asked to write about what the meaning of being Jewish is to them. The texts will be the basis of a wider discussion on the various meanings of what it means to be a Jew. 



01 Apr 2004 / 10 Nisan 5764 0
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