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School Twinning Program celebrating Purim!

The Gefen kindergarten in Kiryat Malachi sent their partners at the Pardes kindergarten in Phoenix colorful masks decorated by the children

Schools and kindergartens in our partnership twinning program chose to mark Purim together and exchange colorful products, colorful in the holiday spirit. The Gefen kindergarten in Kiryat Malachi sent their partners at the Pardes kindergarten in Phoenix colorful masks decorated by the children. They also sent a puppet theater with the Megila characters and a page full of kisses to their new friends overseas! Ronit, the teacher of Pardes kindergarten wrote: “I ​ got a surprise today. We received the package. Thank you for everything: the kisses moved me, what a lovely idea! The puppet theater was a huge success!”


The Tomer kindergarten children from Kiryat Malachi also created masks for their partners from JCC kindergarten in Phoenix. The Teacher Meirav wrote to her colleagues Marla and Deena:  “This week I experienced a moment with the kids that proved how our project is shaping into a wonderful connection between our communities and our beautiful children – no longer one based on a static image, but rather a dynamic relationship. Alive and real! The children and I were discussing the story of the Megillah and I asked them where they thought the story took place. Most of them replied with names of towns in Israel. Then I mentioned that it happened in a place outside of Israel. Some kids called out France, Greece, Egypt… Then some yelled out, Phoenix!  I love my preschoolers! I just want to kiss and hug these sweet, beautiful children. They’ve internalized your whereabouts. I realize that we’re far away in geography, but our hearts we are close and there’s more we have in common than not. I hope you enjoy the masks the kids made for you”.


Deena Bon, the Director of JCC kindergartens, Phoenix and the teacher Marla who is leading the program at JCC – Phoenix wrote to Meirav: “Gan Tomer-JCC Preschool partnership is growing stronger! We’re establishing a deeper connection and the kids and teachers are excited! Thank you so much for the beautiful masks! The kids were thrilled to receive an envelope delivered to them from Israel. After they enjoyed taking pictures with the masks, I took the lesson one step further. We explored the actual envelope the masks came in – the postage stamps, the difference between letters in English and Hebrew, and the fact that numbers are the same while letters are different. Thank you so much for all that you do to maintain this beautiful relationship.


6TH grade students from Netzah Israel school, Kiryat Malachi and their partners from Or Chadash Phoenix exchanged Mishlochei Manot with Israeli sweets, ID cards with personal info of each student, costumes different items and personal letters with the children’s heroes. There was great excitement when Or Chadash kids and Nethzach Israel got the packages and no doubt this time a picture is worth a thousand words! 



20 Mar 2014 / 18 Adar II 5774 0
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