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Kiryat Malachi – A City with Inspiration

On January 8th 2014 a Taglit mission of 50 students from Arizona University in Tucson came to the Partnership region.

The Same Moon Project is a special project, based on the idea of creating a connection between two families, one in Kiryat Malachi/Hof Ashkelon and the other in Seattle/Tucson/Phoenix. Each family receives the The Same Moon book and embarks on an enriching and educational odyssey together with a distant family overseas. 


The families contribute to writing the book and share their own family and personal stories. Each family creates its own book, for the close-distant family abroad. The project lasts about six months during which, each month, each family sends a letter about the topic of the month of the book. The letters are sent to the other family by air mail, not e-mail. Six months, six envelopes, six different topics from the life of the family. All these, six small stories, together comprise one big significant story.


This year 60 families will participate in the project! – 30 from Israel and 30 from abroad. We will give the books to the families and children at kickoff events which will take place in the communities during February. Such sessions already took place in Tucson and Hof Ashkelon, just before this newsletter came out, and there was much excitement among the participants.


You can keep up to date with the progress of the project in our website and Facebook page.


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