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Kindergartens in Kiryat Malachi and Phoenix Share a Book

As part of the Partnership’s school twinning program, this year a connection was established between the Gefen and Tomer kindergartens in Kiryat Malachi and the JCC kindergarten and Pardess School kindergarten in Phoenix

This year for the first time, Partnership2Gether is heading cooperation with the Pajama Library project in Phoenix which aims to impart a love of reading to children, and to encourage discussion of Jewish values. The kindergarten children read the same book, in English and in Hebrew, as part of the Partnership program. This year Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback, was chosen. The book conveys all kinds of values, such as: modesty, caring for the environment, being satisfied with what there is, contributing to society, recycling etc.


The program operates on the professional level and facilitates productive cross-border discussion between the kindergarten teachers, for the exchange of ideas and content. It also works on the experiential learning level whereby the kindergarten children learn about life and the environment of the partner kindergarten through various elements relating to the topic in which the school is engaging. During the course of the year the children produce a video clip and participate in joint sessions, via the Internet and Skype.


In the first lesson, in the project, the children were shown a map of the world and got to know about Phoenix and Kiryat Malachi through pictures and information exchanged by the kindergarten teachers:





10 Feb 2014 / 10 Adar 5774 0
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