Israel In Your Community

School Twinning

The contacts between the schools in the partnership continued throughout the school year (until June 2014).

Kadouri Elementary School with Mizel School in Tulsa: The coordinating teachers – Alin Torianyk and Liz Voss exchange parcels and letters on every visit to either of the communities.

Har Nof School in Tiberias continued their weekly Skype conversations with Eliyahu Krigel of the Bnei Emunah Synagogue in Tulsa.

Degania A is developing contacts with Jennifer and Lisa from the Milwaukee Synagogues Sunday School.


Amal Nofarim-Tiberias Middle School with Carver JHS in Tulsa – the annual video conference was held on 21/5/2014, for which the teachers and pupils prepared keenly. The ceremony was evidently well prepared and commendably organized. It included readings, songs, music, and dance. It was especially exciting to hear the big Carver orchestra playing both countries’ national anthems. 



30 Jul 2014 / 3 Av 5774 0
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