Israel In Your Community

Teen Delegation to Tulsa April 3-11, 2014

Six teens from 10th grade were sent to Tulsa through the Teen Exchanges program, for the second time.

The group had a joint program  in Sovev kinnere with teen from Tulsa in January 2014,

In Tulsa There were 3 formal engagements with the Tulsa youth (BBYO + Midrasha): Turkey mountain hike, Circle Cinema “Jerusalem”, Tour to OKC

Golfing with the Charneys, and Sailing with Mark Lobo.

One of the meaningful experience they had was visiting  in a non Jewish High Schools and speak about Israel .

The teens got to know the organizations in the Jewish community  as well and enjoyed being explored to new different ways of Jewish life

Refael Moyal from Kfar Tavor was the group's Chaperone.


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