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Ivriyeda Delgation in Tulsa – 6-18/7/2014

This is the second time we are holding the Ivriyeda in Tulsa

The three delegates from Sovev Kinneret: Nirit Hadar (Degania A), Naomi Benedak (Tiberias), and Racheli Gonen( Tiberias) worked very hard to prepare the study materials for the students that are scheduled to participate in the Hebrew classes.

AlinTorianyk and Shiri Achiasaf West (the community Shlicha in Tulsa) were in charge of executing the program in Tulsa, including recruitment of the participants and organizing the details of the program in the community.

We wish them all success and a pleasant experience learning the “Israeli experience” in Hebrew.


30 Jul 2014 / 3 Av 5774 0
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