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Fostering Jewish Pluralism in Israel

Nearly $3 Million Distributed by Jewish Agency to Pluralistic Jewish Organizations in Israel Each Year, Tens of Millions Since 2000; Hoffmann: "The Jewish Agency is Proud to Help Make the Torah's Seventy Facets Accessible to All Israelis"

JERUSALEM – Dozens of pluralistic Jewish organizations and programs supported by The Jewish Agency for Israel will hold all-night study sessions this weekend in honor of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Saturday night/Sunday, May 23-24). From Kfar Vradim on Israel's northern border to Kibbutz Keturah near the southern town of Eilat, thousands upon thousands of Israelis are expected to flock to events hosted by Israel's Reform, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox movements with Jewish Agency support.

"It is said that there are seventy facets to the Torah," said Jewish Agency Director-General Alan Hoffmann. "As we celebrate Shavuot, The Jewish Agency is proud to help make the Torah's seventy facets accessible to all Israelis, enabling them to connect to their Jewish identities in ways that are relevant and meaningful to their lives. As one of the primary supporters of Jewish pluralism in Israel, The Jewish Agency will continue to strengthen all religious denominations in order to help ensure that Israelis have access to the full breadth and depth of contemporary Jewish life."

This year's Shavuot offerings include guided nighttime tours of Jerusalem, a special holiday program for Latin American immigrants in Ramla, a conversation between Jewish and Muslim religious leaders in Tel Aviv, a talk by U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel B. Shapiro in Modi'in, classes led by Conservative rabbinical students in Jerusalem, programs for children and teens, and dozens of lectures, communal holiday meals, prayer services, and other events across the country.

In an effort to foster Jewish pluralism and strengthen diverse expressions of Jewish life in Israel, The Jewish Agency for Israel distributes nearly $3 million to Reform, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox organizations in Israel each year. Since the year 2000, The Jewish Agency has granted tens of millions of dollars to the Reform and Conservative rabbinical seminaries in Jerusalem, the TALI pluralistic Jewish school network, the Orthodox Young Israel movement's support program for Agunot (women denied religious divorces by their husbands), gap year programs for Reform and Conservative young people, the Orthodox Union's program for youth at risk, and dozens of other pluralistic Jewish programs and organizations across the country.

22 May 2015 / 4 Sivan 5775 0
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