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The Jewish Agency Responds to Terror

An Emotional Meeting with a Terror Victim’s Elderly Mother and Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin

The Jewish Agency is privileged to be the Jewish world’s first responder; always among the first to help Jews in trouble wherever they may be. On Sunday (October 18), Jewish Agency representatives met with Aiza Goveberg, an elderly woman whose son was killed in a fatal terror attack. The Jewish Agency joined a group of visitors that included Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin.

Ms. Goveberg's 51-year-old son, Alon, was one of two men murdered by Palestinian terrorists armed with knives and a pistol during a bus attack in Jerusalem a few days prior to the visit. Several other Israelis were injured seriously in the attack.

The visit took place in Ms. Govberg's home, a public housing property run by Amigour, a real estate subsidiary of The Jewish Agency for Israel, that provides basic living needs for over 7,500 disadvantaged elderly people. A large majority of these residents are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Holocaust survivors.

The president had the following conversation with Ms. Goveberg:

President Rivlin: Israel is in the midst of a difficult time. Terror is striking civilians accross the country.

Ms. Aiza Goveberg: But why did it have to be my son?

PR: Unfortunately, fate can be cruel and does not differentiate between people — no one knows who will be hit next. This time, unfortunately, it was your son. The two of you were very close, right?

AG: Yes, he was the only one that helped me and took care of my sister, who lives in a nursing home in Germany. Now we are alone; it is very scary.

PR: It’s true. The situation is scary, but we are trying to do everything we can in the hopes that things will calm down. We need to be strong. I really feel your pain deep in my heart. Is there anything I can do for you?

AG: Please help my sister to get to me. She’s in Germany and they causing problems for her. She is also an elderly woman. We are very close. She wants to come and they are not letting her.

PR: We will help you, so your sister will get here soon.

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