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Beyond Birthright: New Government Support for Medium-Length Programs in Israel

Expanded support will help fill the gap between short-term programs like Taglit-Birthright Israel and long-term programs.

The Jewish Agency commends the Government of Israel for the Cabinet decision to expand the portfolio of Masa Israel Journey to include mid-length programs, beginning in 2016. This decision is closely aligned with the advancement of the Jewish Agency’s strategic vision of a continuum of Israel Experience opportunities, adding a critical middle rung on the spectrum linking teen travel and Birthright Israel to Masa. This decision also allows for the further development of Onward Israel- a flagship partnership of major philanthropists, led by the Shapira-Beacon Foundation, participating Jewish federations, organizations from around the world and the Jewish Agency for Israel. The partnership with Masa and the Government of Israel is a key component of the scheduled expansion of Onward Israel to 2000 participants in 2016, thus providing an invaluable opportunity for thousands of students and young adults to build their resumes through direct immersive experiences in Israel. The Cabinet decision will greatly further Masa’s strategic goal of increasing participation rates among the critical University age population and allow Masa to develop additional models of mid-range opportunities as well. 

20 Oct 2015 / 7 Heshvan 5776 0
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