The Azoulay Family Arrives in Israel From France

"We wanted our children to grow up in a Jewish society as we, their parents, succeed in our work and are absorbed into Israeli society."

As a sign of solidarity with the Jewish community in France, members of The Jewish Agency's Board of Governors are meeting in Paris to discuss the state of the French Jewish community, local Jewish Agency activity, Aliyah (immigration to Israel), and joint ventures with the community.

In France, Dan and Laura , two Jewish psychologists from France, who completed their track at the East Talpiyot Absorption Center in Jerusalem – the campus for the Ulpan Etzion Hebrew immersion program - is the story of a family who plans to make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and join the Israeli work force.

"We wanted our children to grow up in a Jewish society as we, their parents, succeed in our work and are absorbed into Israeli society," says Dan. And that is exactly what Laura, his wife wants.

Dan Azoulay, 25, is an organizational psychologist from the city of Lyon in France, who speaks very good Hebrew and sees himself fitting in to Israel as a psychologist.

Dan and Laura Azoulay

"Both myself and my wife Laura work in the field of corporate psychology and we are both qualified in the field,” Dan says. “We know what we want to do here but first of all we want to build a home for our children, where they will be involved with Jews and live with fellow Jews.”

The couple are improving their Hebrew to this end at Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem.

"The language of psychologist, but actually for everyone, is a tool for success at work and absorption in Israel," he adds.

Journey to Israel

The Azoulays visited Israel many times before they decided to immigrate to Israel.

Their romance began at a youth camp in France eight years ago. He’s from the city of Paris and she is from Lyon. Laura studied psychology, as did Dan.

"Then I realized that he was the best friend I ever had and I fell in love with him," she explains.

Dan traveled on the Paris–Lyon line often to meet up with her. After completing his undergraduate degree, Dan decided to do an MA in Paris together with Laura. They also started getting ready to move to Israel.

"We got married and then we decided to come here as tourists within the framework of Masa Israel because this route allows us to be in the Hebrew language ulpan. After we officially move to Israel, we will be eligible for another period of study," adds Dan.

Raising Children

Wouldn’t it be easier to raise children in France?

"I know they call the Sarcelles district in Paris 'Little Jerusalem' because there is a large concentration of Jews, but it’s hard to raise Jewish children in this neighborhood if you send them to public schools. It is very difficult,” Laura says. “Ultimately we decided to raise our children, by the grace of G-d, in Israel.”

Dan says that he wants to work in the army, and Laura adds that they want to move to Israel’s central area that evolves around Tel Aviv.

Both of them, after eight years together, have common dreams and raising children is the main one. They want to succeed in Israel as professionals but they also want their children to have the possibility to grow here as Jews.

"I'm waiting for the moment we finish the Masa Israel program and officially make Aliyah to Israel, but already our whole heart is here," says Laura.

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