• Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses the Jewish Agency Board of Governers in the Chagall room of the Knesset

    Nathan Roi, The Jewish Agency for Israel ©
  • Nathan Roi, The Jewish Agency for Israel ©
  • Nathan Roi, The Jewish Agency for Israel ©
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Board of Governors conducts special meeting at the Knesset

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Knesset Members, and Chairman Natan Sharansky Took Part in the Gathering

A special session of the Board of Governors took place at Israel’s Knesset today. Members of the Board of Governors met with Knesset members, and were addressed by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. At a special plenary in the Knesset’s Chagall room, Knesset members and the Jewish Agency leadership discussed how The Jewish Agency fosters a bond between the State of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. They emphasized the importance of Jewish pluralism, and The Jewish Agency’s role in providing a platform for Jews of all kinds to make a difference in ways that are vital to the future of the Jewish people. 

At the plenary, speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein addressed the gathered leaders. Edelstein said, “I would like to report to you about the strong bond between the Israeli parliament and The Jewish Agency as a way to strengthen the ties between the Jewish people and the Knesset.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the board of governors and Knesset members who joined them. “The Jewish Agency, and you, [Jewish Agency Chairmain] Natan Sharansky, are working tirelessly for the unity of the Jewish people”, the prime minister said.

“We have a united people, despite all our differences and varying outlooks. And we have one Kotel. Let’s keep it that way. We have a deal, and we have to work to come to agreement about its implementation. I’m working on it.”

Opposition Leader, Isaac Herzog, addressed the leaders as well.

“We have to talk about the bond between the State of Israel and Reform and Conservative Judaism in North America. And obviously, we have to come to a solution about the Kotel” Herzog said.  “There is a national consensus in Israel that we have to come to an arrangement with the Jewish people in the diaspora before the Kotel issue will erupt in an unpleasant fashion.”

Herzog also discussed The Jewish Agency’s educational activities: “The Jewish Agency is doing incredible educational work around the world, and it’s activities must be supported; The Jewish Agency has done wonders in the founding of the state, and today, it must work to ensure the future of the Jewish people.”

Chairman Natan Sharansky emphasized the need for Israel’s government and The Jewish Agency to work together. “In order to ensure the future of the Jewish people, we have to cooperate; One of the ways to fight assimilation is through the Jewish Agency programs that strengthen Jewish Identity around the world. “

Sharansky also emphasized the importance of the Kotel prayer area arrangement. “They say that [implementing the agreement] requires time. But time is running out, and we have to solve the issue.”

Sharansky closed his remarks with a statement about the unity of the Jewish people. “We at The Jewish Agency, are working to strengthen the future of the Jewish People and Israel, and nothing will separate us and the Jewish diaspora. Our bonds are very strong.”

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"Anyone who cares about the future of the Jewish people should care about [allowing equal access to the Kotel]. We must not simply throw up our hands but rather take action now, before it is too late." - From Natan Sharansky's recent article on the Kotel Compromise in Tablet Magazine

This article was originally reported by Nathan Roi in Hebrew.


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