• Jewish Doers: Connecting the Jewish People Around the World Through Social Projects

    The 248 Community Action Network, a program now in its second year, brings together “Jewish doers” to bridge the gaps between Israelis and American Jews.
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 07 Feb 2019 / 2 Adar 5779
  • From Ethiopia to the Technion Institute

    17-year-old Fentanesh Gasasa has been defying the odds her entire life. After losing her mother at age 6, she helped raise her younger sister in Ethiopia. Most recently she was accepted into Technion
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 06 Feb 2019 / 1 Adar 5779
  • Building a positive, diverse picture of Israel on campus

    Valentina was a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow at UMass Amherst Hillel. It's hard to imagine what could have prepared her for the anti-Israeli atmosphere that emerged at the school. But Valentina
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 22 Jan 2019 / 16 Shevat 5779
  • Jewish Agency’s Masa opens a door to a diverse teaching experience in Israel

    After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Jenna Rosen was unsure of her exact career direction. She thought she might want to work with children, or to become involved with a Jewish
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 06 Jan 2019 / 29 Tevet 5779
  • Giving Hope to Israeli children at Risk

    "Youth Futures", a flagship program of The Jewish Agency for Israel, trains mentors to help and inspire 12,000 children who lost hope
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 06 Jan 2019 / 29 Tevet 5779
  • Ethiopian immigrant is helping his fellow Israeli orphans realize their dreams

    Dalalin Destau became an orphan at age 2 in Ethiopia. Today, he is considered one of the 20 most influential people under 20 years old in Israel. Dalalin, a high school senior, is one of the thousands
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 24 Dec 2018 / 16 Tevet 5779
  • How an absorption center operates under fire

    Jewish Agency absorption centers offer a “soft landing” and transitional housing for new immigrant families and adults at the beginning of their acculturation process in Israel. But what happens when
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 17 Dec 2018 / 9 Tevet 5779
  • The Miracle of Partnership: Connection Saves Lives

    Tomer Oren fought on reserve duty during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. While he returned home physically sound, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Months
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 10 Dec 2018 / 2 Tevet 5779
  • Saving Lives with Chocolate

    Transforming the lives of at-risk youth in Israel with a sweet twist
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 03 Dec 2018 / 25 Kislev 5779
  • From Venezuela to a more meaningful life in Israel: the miracle of Tony Reichler

    Leading up to Hanukkah (December 2-10) this year, Tony Reichler reflects that his current life in Israel is a “miracle” compared to life in his native Venezuela.
    By Jewish Agency Staff on 26 Nov 2018 / 18 Kislev 5779