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  • A New Dawn: Becoming an Ambassador for Israel

    Dawn Kassirer grew up in Orange County, New York with a Christmas tree in her home. Masa was a turning point for her.
    By Amishai Gottlieb on 11 Oct 2016 / 9 Tishrei 5777
  • אילנה ויונתן כהן

    A Honeymoon in Israel

    Ilana and Yonatan Cohen have been married for a month – and though they are originally from the City of Light, the City of Love, Paris, they’ve chosen Israel as their honeymoon destination, and also
    By נתן רועי on 21 Jan 2015 / 1 Shevat 5775
  • אילנה מדר, בת שירות ב"מגן"

    Self-Defense for French Jews

    Ilana Medar, 18, a bat sherut, and Shimon Abouka, 21, of Paris, were excited to take part of a ceremony with the “Magen” travel program, a joint initiative of The Jewish Agency, the World Zionist
    By נתן רועי on 28 Oct 2014 / 4 Heshvan 5775
  • Julio Lozano, Ester Garzon and their children.

    A New Year in a New Homeland

    At a Rosh Hashana party in Beersheva’s Yeelim Absorption Center for New Immigrants, 100 participants gathered, including both olim and Masa participants from the former Soviet Union studying Hebrew at
    By Sarah Bronson on 21 Oct 2014 / 27 Tishrei 5775
  • The volunteers are helping translate materials into their native tongues, adapt the messaging to their specific national audiences, and contribute their own unique perspectives based on their experiences in Israel.

    Masa Participants from Around the World Join Online Public Diplomacy Effort

    National Public Diplomacy Directorate and Masa Israel Journey join forces to establish joint public diplomacy war room; Masa participants from around the world join effort to present Israel's
    By Jewish Agency on 15 Jul 2014 / 17 Tamuz 5774
  • אמילי חלימי ובעלה לעתיד נתן שאותו פגשה בתכנית

    From Tahiti to Israel, With Love

    Naomi Amselem says: “Tahiti is my island, but Israel is my home.” Amselem just received her Israeli identity card at a ceremony organized by The Jewish Agency’s Global Aliyah Center, Ministry of
    By נתן רועי on 02 Jul 2014 / 4 Tamuz 5774