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Operation Protective Edge: Update from partnership2Gether

Our communities in Hof Ashkelon and Kiryat Malachi are going through difficult and complicated times, but there is one clear and strong bright spot every day,which comes from you, our Partnership communities overseas, who prove again and again that the partnership between the communities is stronger than anything else! We want to thank you for your support and the love and strength that you send us, which come across the great physical distance between us! We hope that quieter days will come soon, Sincerely yours, Tzachi Levy, Edit Asor and Adi Shacham Partnership2Gether staff

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Dear Partners Shalom

It's Tisha Be Av today and we all remember the day our of Temples (Mikdash) 1st and 2nd has been destroyed.
We all mourn and fast not only for the building, but also, if not mainly, for Am Israel unjustified hatred.

Over the past 30 days I saw and felt the real meaning of Am Israel Chai! the endless strength of our people and soldiers and the power we have as one united nation.

Soon our kids will once again play in the street Netiv Ha'asarah, the farmers will plow the fields of our Kibbutzim close to the border, the students will enjoy the last few days they had from summer vacation, and the routine will return to everyday life.

Nevertheless, we know, it’s not the same, it will never be the same, there is something else this time unlike last time that strikes us at most sensitive spot! It's call the fear from the tunnels
The war is over but our work is only beginning, we will need to find the way to encourage family to stay, we need to find the way to support and expand our communities, to bring young families to live here and continue our Zionistic movement as we have done over decades.

I would like to encourage you to join our efforts, keep supporting our Partnership by visiting us, reading and telling our story and through your local Jewish Federation to support our activities.

Hof Ashkelon and Kiryat Malachi would like to send their love and thanks from the bottom of the hearts.

Attached are few stories from "Behind the scenes" of Operation Protective Edge

Best regards
Tzachi Levy
Partnership 2Gether Director

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17 May 2014 / 17 Iyar 5774 0
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