Ilona, Dima and Yaniv, three ORT Braude students, departed last week for a six month internship at the prestigious University of Pittsburgh.
Thanks to a cooperative venture between the University of Pittsburgh, ORT Braude College in Karmiel and the Jewish Agency sponsored Partnership2Gether Program, Yaniv Michaeli, Dima Denisenko and Ilona Issaev have arrived in Pittsburgh for a research internship at the Swanson School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh.  
The students, all of whom are studying engineering, are in their final stretch towards completion of their degree, and in Pittsburgh they will be given the opportunity to study and develop their final research project.
At an introductory meeting with P2G representatives the students told about their studies and areas of expertise. Each was selected according to their individual academic achievements. None of the three are residents of either the Karmiel or Misgav municipalities. "Although I am not a resident of Karmiel", Yaniv, a resident of Nahariya said, "but during my years studying in the city I have come to very much appreciate its accelerated development, Karmiel has a great deal to offer and maybe I will come back here in the future."
Maxine Noam, the college's Coordinator of Foreign Relations, warmly thanked P2G for its support of the interns. Maxine also told the gathering that when it was reported at Pitt that a group of Israeli interns would be coming to study, quite a few investigators offered diverse research opportunities to our engineering students. She further noted that a number of ORT Braude students have attended Pitt as part of internship program, made possible thanks to the relationship the college has with Dr. Larry Shuman and Dr. Harvey Borovetz from the University of Pittsburgh. Maxine also reiterated that while Partnership supported two students, Braude decided to subsidize a third student and enable Ilona to join the program.  
Yuval Kisus, Co- chair of the Adult "Kesher" Subcommittee of the Partnership congratulated the students and wished them all good luck.
"You are our ambassadors", Yuval reminded them, "Study hard, enjoy yourselves and volunteer in the community (as part of the terms of the scholarship) and you will assist us in promoting P2G initiatives to your peers." 




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23 Feb 2014 / 23 Adar 5774 0