Krembo Wings

Krembo Wings is the only youth movement in Israel for children and young adults with special needs, providing weekly social activities for young people with all types of mental and physical disabilities and their able bodied peers. Established in 2002, Krembo Wings currently operates tens of branches across Israel, and welcomes over 800 young people with special needs aged 7 to 21 from all cultural, religious and socio economic backgrounds. Activities are carried out with the assistance of more than 2,000 able bodied youth counselors, aged 14 to 18, who learn the values of volunteering and leadership through their roles in our branches. Krembo Wings' main purpose is to enable every child living with any type of motor, cognitive or sensory disability to take part in enjoyable social interactions between one another and their able bodied peers — and become part of community life in Israel. This specific project brings the youth movement to Kiryat Malachi