Waldman International Holocaust Arts and Writing Competition

The Waldman International Arts and Writing Competition has a long history as one of the Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh's signature programs, engaging hundreds of middle and high school students in the Pittsburgh region and in Karmiel Misgav, Israel. Students will submit pieces in Visual Arts, Flash Prose, or Short Film. A panel of professional artist and writers as well as community members will judge these pieces. In the spring of 2017, we will an honor the winners at a community awards ceremony. The objective of the competition is to bring awareness of the Holocaust and Holocaust Education to middle and high school students through creative and artistic mediums. The competition will be promoted, alongside Holocaust Education Programs offered in the community, and will be directly promoted to regional teachers and students, as well as students and teachers in Karmiel Misgav. The students submit their creative work, based on annual Holocaust related themes, in January, and a panel of volunteer judges will sort through all of the submissions and award winners in each category and age group. Submissions will be accepted in the following categories: Flash Prose;Short Film;and Visual Arts. A resource packet for teachers that defines the theme in detail, gives Competition rules/parameters, and lists suggested books and films that will help bring the theme to life, will be provided (translated into Hebrew and distributed to teachers in the Partnership region, as well as in Pittsburgh) and available to all via the Holocaust Center's website. Winning Students will be awarded scholarships, or other prizes, which can be used to further their own Holocaust education, or to further their study in the genre they submitted their work in. The first and second place winners from Karmiel and Misgav (a total of 6 students and one chaperone) will come to Pittsburgh to share their work, meet other competition participants, and receive their awards.