Kol Ami Mechina in Karmiel

Kol Ami is a pre-military program for 12th grade graduates from Israel and the Diaspora that cultivates Jewish leadership and Jewish Peoplehood. It seeks to develop a common international Jewish leadership consisting of Israelis and their peers in the Diaspora. At first, the majority of content is delivered in English, with activity revolving around topics related to Jewish leadership, advocacy, and Zionism. Later, activities are conducted in Hebrew, with stronger emphasis placed on preparing for army service and future leadership. Kol Ami brings together Jewish youths from all sectors of Israeli and Jewish society who live together and study together—religious and secular, holders of varying political views, women and men, new immigrants and Israelis of different origins. The overriding goal is to develop Jewish leadership on both sides, strengthen connections between the Partnership communities, encourage meaningful IDF service, and see participants become active and contributing citizens and Jewish leaders.