'Bounty of the Land' Garden: An Archeological Garden

An Archeological Garden Celebrating the Culture of the Grain, the Vine and the Olive Grove in the Galilee. The Galilee as a region and Karmiel as a 'green' city are rich in parks and lovely natural corners.The area is blessed with a Galilean agricultural culture from the earliest of times. Much has been said and written concerning the importance of eating fruit.We all grew up on the sentence "An apple a day will keep the doctor away".Much has also be told about the contribution made by agriculture to the establishment of the State of Israel. A garden where fruit trees, ancient agricultural tools and devices are combined will serve as a wonderful foundation for understanding the area and the wonders of its agricultural way of life. The variety of fruits and their cultivation is an experience for parents, their children and an educational tool for understanding the plant world. In our grove you will be able to see trees as they blossom, present their fruit, during a tour of the garden you will be able to experience fruit as it grows on trees, understand the process of their development and during the relevant season pick and enjoy the delicious fruit. Integrating agricultural devices ranging from the ancient to the contemporary while giving a stage to various motifs from the plant world as expressed in ancient traditions and arts will add an empowering dimension that combines a connection to the source of life, understanding the past and recognizing its significance. At the garden, we have begun building we aspire to manifest the past through plants and archeology for the sake of a rich present that will contribute to the future of those who visit. The wide-ranging concentration of fruit trees and agricultural tools serves on one hand as a horticultural and agricultural study center and on the other, a site for cultural gatherings.Here the stu