Key Card: Secular

"As Jews we take tremendous pride in the values developed by our people through the ages. These values include, among others, justice, love of family and learning, compassion and social responsibility. We want to maintain our connection to this heritage. We celebrate it by observing Jewish holidays and traditions and learning our history.

We view HJ as a natural development in the evolution of Judaism which was the principal force in the creation of humanistic values in Biblical times and later.

HJ will allow Judaism to survive and flourish for ourselves, our children, and the many other Jews who are unable to believe in supernatural authority for the guidance of human affairs.

God is not affirmed or denied in HJ. We believe our lives gain meaning and worth through our relationships with others and society and from our Jewish heritage."

--Walter Hellman, Humanistic Jews of Greater Portland (Oregon, U.S.A), hj list operator

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11 Jul 2007 / 25 Tamuz 5767 0