Cafe Hafooch

Cafe Hafooch is an online intergenerational program bridging between Jewish Canadian adults and Israeli students. Throughout this encounter, participants are getting a closer look into Israeli and Jewish Canadian societies through film and informative video clips, and are conducting meaningful conversations around topics of Jewish identity both in Israel and in Canada. The goal of the program is to create an authentic connection with Israel that is affordable, accessible and inclusive. The program is designed to provoke deep and meaningful conversations, while creating personal relationships. Tal Kholevitsky, 12th grader from Goldwater high school in Eilat, that was a participated in fist cohort of the program, tells about his experience in the program: "I am grateful for being a part of Caf? Hafooch program. It was a positive experience That started with video calls with Canadians, amazing people, that I was fortunate to meet in the visit in Toronto. I learnt a lot about the partnership and the joint past from the conversations in Eilat and the visit. During the stay in Toronto, I met my host's, Sam, grandmother. She told us about her immigration from Poland to Canada, together with some hard experiences she had gone through. It was meaningful for me to hear it and more so in the other half of the world. It ony made me realize how important our history is and how complex it was. Without these survivors, or those who helped them, the world was different- a whole nation. In conclusion, the program contributed to my English level and strengthen the connection with community in Canada. I created a connection with wonderful people from Toronto!".