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Differentiating the learning environment

DIFFERENTIATING INSTRUCTION benefits learners of various abilities, learning styles, and interests. It is often referred to solely as modifying the content, process activities, or products developed by the students. However, altering the learning environment is also a valuable method of providing a facilitative setting for effective instruction.

Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks
No two people are alike so it stands to reason that no two learners are alike either. Students vary in experience, maturity, ability and motivation. Differentiated instruction uses this knowledge and applies custom-designed instruction based on students' needs. Use this hotlist to learn more about how diffentiated instruction can help you maximize your students' potential!

Planning 4 Differentiation/ Planning 4 Everyone
An Internet WebQuest on Differentiation
Differentiated Instruction
Here you will find articles, web links and other resources which deal with differentiated instruction, learning styles, and multiple intelligence.
Displaying Student Work
An opportunity for student-teacher collaboration




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