Debbie Ben-Ami Member of the Board of Governors

Ms. Debbie Ben-Ami is a businesswoman and communication. She serves as a member of the Executive of the World Zionist Organization and has served for two terms as a member of the extended Executive. She is a board member and chairman of the committee in "Ha'Meshakem" enterprises, working to employ people with disabilities.

Coordinates and guides the media and the advertising and marketing management at the Open University. Debbie is the CEO and Editor in Chief of "Magazin Yerushalmi"; CEO of Debbie Advertising ltd.

She holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Touro College in New York; graduate of public sector management, and graduate of a course in women's leadership.

In addition, she is the spokeswoman of the World Labor Zionist Movement. Debbie is working to implement the Zionist challenge to create a pluralistic civil society and gender equality, and works to ensure transparency, strengthening the periphery and strengthening ties with Diaspora Jewry.

She works for the sake of the Zionist enterprise to continuing Aliyah, avsorption and integration of olim. She is the founder of the Zionist Women in Leadership Forum and and she is the initiator of a program to build a museum for Zionism and of a dcumentation of the work of pioneer women. 

Debbie has four children: Dana, Shelly, Noy and Ron

She serves as a Board member since February 2016.