Jacques Kupfer Member of the Board of Governors

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Jacques Kupfer holds a degree in economics and business administration and a PH.D. in law and political science. In the past, Mr. Kupfer was the Chairman and CEO of companies marketing watches and jewelry, vice chairman of the National Federation of Industry, and served as a judge in the commercial court of France. Within his public service he served as the Chairman for the Student Front in France, the Chairman of French "Herut", and then the Chairman of the Likud of France. In Israel he has continued to act as the chairman of the development of Kiryat Arba-Hebron and World Likud. Today he continues to serves as Chairman of the World Likud Party and a member of the World Zionist Organization. Mr. Kupfer is the editor of many online press articles and has written and published the following journals: 1988: Le Glaive de David, editions Laurens Oliver, Paris; 2011: "Palestine: le grand Bluff", Editions de Passy, Paris. Mr. Kupfer has served as a Board member since June 2010. He is the Deputy Chair of the Government Relations Committee.