Solly Sacks Committee Member

Solly Sacks is the Director General of World Mizrachi Organization. He was born in South Africa where he served as the Chairman of South African Zionist Federation and President of the South African Mizrachi Organization. After making Aliyah to Israel he served as Chairman of TelFed and was elected as member of Kochav Yair Town Council.

Mr. Sacks has written and published many articles for newspapers and journals. He has lectured to most Jewish communities around the world and in Israel on numerous occasions. Solly is a Member of the Honorary Offices and Executive of Telfed-Israel. He funded and was chairman of several Aliyah groups (i.e. Alon Shvut, Efrat and Kochav Yair) and he is active in many volunteer organizations.

Solly Sacks serves as a Committee Member since October 2002. Previously he served as a Board Member.