Stephen Silverman Member of the Board of Governors

Founding Board Member of Jacksonville JCA; Past President of Jacksonville Jewish Federation and Campaign Chair two separate times; Past President of Jacksonville Jewish Foundation: JFNA involvement began with the Merger in 1999 as a Board Member; Appointed to Budget & Finance Committee in 2001 until today; 2004-06, Assistant Treasurer; 2006-2013 Chair of Financial Relations Committee; 2008, CEO Search Committee; 2009, Co-Chair of Dues Evaluation Committee; 2010 & 2011 Co-Chair of GA In New Orleans & Denver; JFNA Treasurer 2013-2015. Awarded JNF's Tree of Life Award in 1999 & Jacksonville Jewish Endowment Award in 2007.

He is a Board Member since June 2016. Served as a Committee Member since June 2015.