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“This has been a great experience - to learn about what I want to do in my life, and not just to come to Israel and travel.”

"What's going to make me stand out from others who are starting university is that I've been learning outside the country, in another culture. You have to get out of your comfort zone, you mustn't  be shy - you have to do the work.  Everything has been a wild experience: to go to another country, to learn how it really works; it gives you confidence to keep going." 

Daniela Peńa From Bogota, Colombia / Masa Oranim Experience - Tel-Aviv Internship


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College Student Summer Internships with Masa Israel


How has this experience changed you?

The most important thing I have been learning here is how to be responsible, how to take care of myself.

What did you enjoy?

Tel-Aviv is the city for young people, so it’s a great experience living here.

"I feel free living here, I love it!"

"Masa Israel Journey found me the perfect internship. I wanted to work in photography, and here I am, In Israel, working in a studio! Photography is something you don’t learn with a book; you have to have experience. It's really awesome to work with someone that has this experience."

Masa Israel Journey Intern, Daniela Pena, hones her photographic skills