Family Plan

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Hundreds of families have chosen to be a part of the Kibbutz experience and benefited from wonderful opportunities during their initial integration.

Families making Aliyah have their own unique set of issues. The challenge of making things work on all fronts and meeting the needs of a variety of family members is no easy task. After over 18 years of experience and following the successful absorption of thousands of new immigrant families, with many who chose to stay, we feel confident that this program is ideal for families.


  • There is a ready-made educational framework for children
  • Kibbutzim pride themselves in maintaining a green, clean and quiet environment ideal for families
  • Many different peer groups are to be found.
  • During the summer and holidays there are camps and activities for children of all ages.
  • There are cultural and recreational activities, sports facilities, playgrounds and swimming pools on most Kibbutzim
  • Ideal conditions for learning Hebrew

Program Details for Families

The basic format of the Project is the same for both families and singles, with a few slight differences and guidelines.

  • During the first six months, while parents are learning in ulpan, children study for a full day in the Kibbutz schools.  Kindergartens are open from 7:00 to 16:00 throughout the year.
  • Housing for families includes small but complete accommodation, including a bathroom and kitchenette
  • Parents may accompany children during the first days in their new educational framework in order to ease their initial adjustment
  • During the second half of the program, should the family decide to extend their contract, most families will need to have at least one spouse join the work force in order to meet the family's needs. It is the participant's responsibility to find work. The kibbutz and the First Home in the Homeland program do not guarantee work for the participants.
  • During and after finishing the 5 month Hebrew course, some of the participants find jobs in the same kibbutz, others – in another kibbutz or nearby city.
  • Prices are subject to the number of children and the educational frameworks in which they participate.


Hundreds of families have chosen to be a part of the Kibbutz experience. For many it has offered wonderful opportunities during their initial integration.  As they moved on they built on their successful initial absorption period, maintained friendships with Kibbutz members, grew from the experience and found themselves more familiar and comfortable with the Israeli lifestyle. Others have built their permanent home on the Kibbutz, have evolved socially and professionally and are now at top positions in the Kibbutz workforce and active integral, members of the communities.