"Kav Hazinuk"

Galilee Panhandle and Canada -Kav Hazinok Project
"Kav Hazinuk's" training program for change agents is a 10 year program, for individuals ages 15 to 25. 
In stage A of the program (high school years), the participants learn personal skills for change making, initiate social projects in their community, and experience in training roles and in leading change processes in a variety of community settings. Kav Hazinuk's model is based on a comprehensive approach of leadership development that focuses on a continuous process and combines the emotional and cognitive development of the participants. The program focus moves from inward self-leadership to external focus action, developing and leading change initiatives. 
The program addresses several major issues: self-leadership skills obtainment, construction of social enterprise, volunteering and developing a deep awareness of public responsibility based on the values of integrity and a long-term approach. The program also focuses on strengthening the connection and sense of commitment to the community and neighborhood, encouraging the participants to remain as adults in the area where they grew up and to take on themselves the roles of leadership, affecting change and being of influence within it.
participant's population range and the number of participants:

In the Upper Galilee area there are currently two groups in stage A, one in the first activity year and the second in the third activity year. The age range of the participants is 15 to18, and the two groups include 34 participants. A new group of 25 participants is bound to open in the coming months. Moreover, we aim at expanding our existing groups by adding another 6 participants.

 Short -term objectives:
  • Participants know and demonstrate in everyday life Kav Hazinuk's culture and values.
  • The participant begins to form and articulate opinions about the community, the area in which he belongs and of Israeli society.
  • A peer group that maintains a deep level and high functioning discourse. 
Long-term objectives: 
The organization's vision we operate upon is building the next generation of leaders by promoting equal opportunities and honest leadership training, a vision that is oriented towards these values, and deep social commitment: a generation of leadership that will lead to social change in Israel.
The main goals of the program are:
A. To create a new generation of young people with our core values and their integration into key positions in the various sectors of Israel: public, business and social.
B. Close the gaps between the center and the periphery.