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“Living in Israel, is living a life way above expectations”

"After graduating with a Masters degree in finance and accounting, I decided to come on Masa Israel Journey's World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) internship. Last year, I spent time at Tel Aviv University as an exchange student - now, I wanted to try and live here for real.

First of all, I wanted to find a job in finance. Israel is a great place to do internship because of its relatively strong economy."

- Jonathan Gerafi / Masa Israel Journey WUJS Internship


What has made your MASA experience unforgettable?

"These have been the best five months of my life, and I think it's because it made me experience new friendships, and gain responsibilities at work."

"In Denmark, it would take me five years to get as far as I have in Israel"

"When I came here I was mainly focused on doing the internship and going back to find another job. But since they offered me a job, I found out that what I learned here is way more than what I would ever be able to learn in any other country in such a short term. And that is also why I decided to take it, and I know that what I learned so far will make me a specialist in the area".