Daniel Rotsztejn, Brazil

 I had the best moments of my life. I learned new things from many people, even if we live in diferents countrys, we are a big family, called “Am Israel”. 


Hi my name is Daniel

What I have to say about my experience in chidon hatanach camp is that was a dream to be there. first of all I want to say thank you for everybody that make this trip possible and be one of the best of my life. In the first day when I saw a lot of people of different countrys I have pecebed that this trip wiil be something that I have never had in my life, and was good to see that have jews in anywhere in the world. We were there because of the bible completion,and only to be there representing my country and my community was a honor. Because of chidon I had the chance to learn new things of tanach and reinforce what I knew.

There I had the chance to visit amazing places of  Israel, like the kotel, the Jerusalem shuk, Massada and much more. I think that the main thing of the trip was knew a lot of amazing people. There I made great friends, people that made this trip so special for me. If them I had so much fun,I learned new things and I had one of the coolest moments in my life. And even if I only know this people for 2 weeks they are considered friends of years.


A big thank you for all the madrichot,the madrichim and the organizers that did everything to we had a wonderful trip  that even working hard became great friends.  So I only want to say that in chidon hatanach camp I had on of the best moments of my life. I learned new things from many people, but the principal was that even if we live in diferents countrys, some of them far away we are a big family, called “Am Israel”. And everyone on this trip was essential and made my dream possible. I really hope that I can met this great friends again, and I am sure that with hashem help we will. Chidon Hatanach camp changed my life and is a unique opportunity. I am sure that all the friends that I made and all the moments that I had will be saved with love in my heart.

Daniel Rotsztejn, from Brazil