Stu Mellan (President and CEO, JFSA) reported, "I can't overstate the profound impact that the Partnership2gether twinning program is having on our community. With 18 classrooms and over 300 Tucson students involved-- this is making the connection with Israel real for many of our youngsters. In many cases it also connects their families as well; and because of the use of one key community volunteer per classroom-- the reach of the Twinning project is very broad".

Our Partnership has been operating the School twinning program for the past three years. The program is based on connecting teachers & students from schools & kindergartens in Kiryat Malachi & Hof Ashkelon with teachers & students from schools & kindergartens in Tucson Arizona.

During the past school year, 6 kindergartens & 18 classrooms (1st – 8th grades) from 10 schools in Israel & Tucson, as well as the children from the JCC in Tucson participated in the program. Overall 700 students participated, along with their 37 dedicated and creative teachers. This success would not have been possible without the support and assistance from the principals and the parents.

The twinning programs were very diverse. It dealt with many important issues – Bar Mitzvah year, Jewish peoplehood, Jewish Holydays, nature & sustainability, P.J. Library, Jewish identity,  "Same moon" book, childhood games etc.  In addition, the programs used a variety of technological tools - SKYPE, LINOIT, GOOGLE FORMS, PADLET, POWERPOINT & YOUTUBE.

Atira Geva, a 3rd grade teacher in "Nitzan" elementary school, who partnered with Or Chadash shared, "I chose to join the project for the added value it provides my students. The direct interaction with children their age across the ocean and the opportunity to bond with them provides the students here and in Tucson with a unique opportunity of learning about the differences but mainly the similarities in their life as Jewish and in general". 

Danielle Weiss, a Kindergarten Teacher, THA, who partnered with Gan Sigaliot from Beer Ganim-HA wrote, "The Partnership2gether program has been a very powerful connection for both my Kindergarten students and I. As a class we were able to make new friends and learn that we have more similarities than differences with our Israeli peers. As a teacher it was gratifying to build, plan, and execute meaningful activities with my collaborating teacher Smadar and with our class volunteer Linda. Both of our classes looked forward with excitement to each one of our connections throughout the school year. After a successful year with the twinning program, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Smadar in her classroom in June. Taking part in her classroom routine was very special to me. Her class greeted me with a warm welcome and I saw the students’ eyes sparkle when they recognized me and knew I was the teacher from Tucson. We read the PJ Library book, How to Heal a Broken Wing, in both Hebrew and English and our connection grew deeper with each page. Parnership2gether bridged our two classes together harmoniously and it was a unique opportunity to unite through Jewish identities"

In this coming school year we are expecting to grow to 18 connections!

10 kindergarten classes & 26 school classrooms. We plan to increase the technological use in order to enhance the experience and the connection.

We also plan to hold a "Partnership2gether day" in all the schools that participate in the program in order to expose the entire student body and faculty to this special experience. We, of course, try to bring visitors from Tucson to see the schools and experience first-hand the outcomes of the program.

Isaac Amar (Partnership2gether co-chair) stated, "Relationships between two school communities create an amazing opportunity to connect two parts of the Jewish Nation that are both similar and different. The excitement during the meetings, getting to know new friends from overseas and the warm connection that is made compose an amazing experience for both the students and the staff. The joint creation connects two worlds and opens a hatch between two sides of the globe – this is an enriching experience that benefits the entire school"
















בשנת תשע"ז אנו צפויים לגדול ל-18 חיבורים! 10 גני ילדים ו- 26 כיתות (א-ח) ! להגדיל את היקף השימוש באמצעים טכנולוגיים לטובת העצמת החיבור והקשר, יום שותפות ביחד יתקיים בכל בתי הספר המשתתפים בפרויקט ויפגיש את כלל תלמידי ומורי  בית הספר עם התוכנית  וכמובן מפגשים עם אורחים מטוסון המגיעים לביקור באזורנו!

יצחק עמר, יו"ר שותפות ביחד מסכם: " קשרי הגומלין בין שתי קהילות בתי ספר יוצרות הזדמנות מדהימה ליצירת קשר בין שני חלקים דומים של עם ישראל, אם כי בין שני חלקים שאינם זהים. ההתרגשות שבמפגשים, הכרת החברים מעבר לים והקשר החם שנוצר הינם חוויה מדהימה עבור התלמידים ולא פחות עבור אנשי הצוות.היצירה המשותפת המחברת בין עולמות ופותחת צוהר משני צדי הגלובוס הינה חוויה מעשירה שתרומתה ניכרת בכל תחומי העשייה בבית הספר"






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