Developing young adult and family Jewish leaders

Jaffa Mechina - Developing Young Adult Jewish Leaders

Upon leaving their parents’ home, many young adults between the ages of 20 until mid-30 find themselves detached from the Jewish community framework to which the belonged as children. With no anchor keeping them connected and having not yet established a family of their own, they drift away from having a meaningful day-to-day Jewish identity.

Recognizing this reality, the IMPJ has made a strategic decision to take its post-army and young adults programing initiatives to the next level and has designed and expanded their unique young adult pluralistic Jewish program.

Through a Beit Midrash program called “Beit Midrash b’Derech,” a Jaffa Mechina graduate program and the IMPJ young leadership community “Tlamim”, the IMPJ is nurturing the young leadership of the Reform Movement to serve as pioneers of Israeli society in leading pluralistic Judaism, social change and Tikkun Olam. Instilling strong Jewish, pluralistic and democratic values in these young Israeli leaders will lead to them having a life of Jewish shlichut in whichever professional path they choose to take.

The support of the Jewish Agency has enabled and continues to allow the movement to develop and expand this program and other programs.

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