Developing young leadership in Israel

Havaya Camp - The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism’s

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism’s (IMPJ) goal is to strengthen the connection between Jewish purpose, Israeli identity, democracy and social activism. As such, one of the IMPJ’s main objectives is to develop Jewish identity among Israeli children and youth while inspiring social awareness, Tikkun Olam, commitment to pluralism, tolerance, good citizenship and Jewish peoplehood.

These goals are being implemented through a wide range of multi-age informal education, volunteerism, and leadership development programs. The IMPJ Youth Movement Noar Telem serves as the main platform for this purpose, focused on developing the skills for self-governance, independence and community involvement in Israel’s civil society. The continuum of programs, including the pre-army Mechina, Beit Midrash b’Derech and “Tlamim”-Young Adult Leadership Program, are designed for the ages 12-30 throughout Israel, from within the Reform Movement and the wider general Israeli public.

The programs take place in various locations across the country, including: Haifa, Zichron Ya’akov, Even Yehuda, Modi’in, Mevaseret Zion, Jerusalem, Gedera and Be’er Sheva.

Over the past three decades, the Jewish Agency has been supporting the IMPJ's Young Leadership in Israel Program, enabling it to continue and allow the movement to develop and expand the program.

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