Jewish Identity among Russian Speakining Olim

Jewish Identity among Russian Speakining Program of the Reform Movement


Today, there are over one million immigrants from Russian-speaking countries living in Israel. The IMPJ, as a religious and social movement that wishes to ensure the continuity of Israel and the Jewish people, strongly believes in the need to promote and foster a progressive Jewish, Zionist identity among Russian-speaking Israelis.

The IMPJ's program, “Developing Jewish Identity among Russian-speaking Israelis” seeks to empower this population by developing young communal leaders and connecting them with IMPJ congregations, combined with leadership development skills and site visits to places of historical significance throughout the country. The IMPJ works to achieve these goals, first and foremost, by having established two Russian-speaking Reform congregations, Kehillat “Shirat HaYam-Carmel” in Haifa and “Shirat HaGan” in Ramat Gan.

In addition, over the course of the year, the IMPJ runs four weekend seminars in different locations across the country. The purpose of these seminars is to develop leadership skills among Russian-speaking Israelis, within a Jewish pluralistic framework. Graduates of these seminars are expected to integrate as lay leaders and professionals in Reform congregations and serve as a bridge between the unique needs of this community and greater Israeli society.

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