M:GEN Young Leadership Development

Pluralistic Young Leadership Development Program

Pluralistic Young Leadership Development Program

"M:GEN Plus" aims to strengthen young Jews' connection to pluralism and democracy, recognizing that they are our next generation of leaders, and builders of the future of Jewish pluralism in Israel.

Program components: During high school, NOAM participants are trained in a variety of leadership activities that involve community contribution, counselor training and skill building. Following high school, youth have the option to volunteer in the community for one year within a variety of pre-army frameworks.

During the army and after the army, NOAM graduates have the option of taking part in community contribution initiatives or forming new young communities. "M:GEN plus's" unique frameworks offer a pluralistic, social activist agenda with the goal of narrowing widening schisms in Israeli society.

The program focuses on topics including Zionism, leadership skills, Judaism, pluralistic values and social activism tools, alongside intensive community involvement and volunteer opportunities.

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