NCSY in Israel (Makom Balev and Camp Dror)

NCSY in Israel (Makom Balev Youth Centers and Camp Dror)


Makom Balev Youth Centers, in conjunction with local schools (especially the AMIT network), operate leisure activities and leadership training for youth, mainly in remotely located development towns and areas impacted by deep socio-economic divides. The program includes leisure and cultural activities such as: chugim, shabbatonim, tiyulim, volunteering, summer camp (“keytana”), national events, leadership soccer initiative (Sderot), and an educational resource center. Over the years, Makom Balev has inspired tens of thousands of youngsters in 10 different chapters to strengthen their Jewish identity and develop a closer bond with the State of Israel. Many of these graduates have been empowered to assume IDF, professional, and community leadership roles in a variety of fields throughout the Israel.


Camp Dror is an almost-3-week educational summer camp for Israeli youth many of who are Olim or children of Olim. Conducted in both Hebrew and English, there is a stress on traditional and Zionist values. Integral aspects of the camp are the leadership program and integration of participants from the war torn, peripheral towns (Otef Aza) which promote tolerance and openness to the others. 

Camp Dror strives to instill and strengthen Jewish and Zionist values in its campers throughout the summer. The camp provides a comfortable and open atmosphere allowing participants to grow, each in their own unique way. The camp is separate for boys and girls.  Both camps are in the Golan Heights. The boys’ camp is located in Chispin and the girls’ camp is located in Keshet.


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