Pluralistic Jewish Studies

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Dana Bar Siman Tov
The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem is one of Israel’s leading academic institutions in the area of Jewish Studies. Offering a fully accredited Master's Degree program, the Schechter Institute provides an interdisciplinary broad-based curriculum that attracts Israeli educators and community-based professionals.
Graduates of the program return to the field with enhanced Jewish knowledge and skills necessary to share this learning with the community.
With over 1,600 graduates as of summer 2017, The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies is devoted to broad dissemination of Jewish studies, conducted in an inclusive and tolerant environment. At Schechter we believe that Jewish learning infused with values of religious pluralism and respect for diversity, is essential to the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic State. 
The Institute provides significant scholarships to teachers who teach in Israel's periphery and in disadvantaged neighborhoods, to professionals employed by community centers throughout the country, and to outstanding students in various fields of study.

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